ware innovations mumbai pari pari hilma cork printed table setting
Inspired by Hilma af Klint's bold and colourful 'Paintings of the Future' series, this Pari Pari x Ware Innovations collection of ceramic ware and table accessories strives to bring a thoughtful and unique dining experience, with each piece designed to elevate everyday rituals in look, feel and function.
Having always been inspired by each other's work, this collaboration gave us both the opportunity to explore another's perspective while staying a bit within our comfort zones and a bit out of.
ware innovations mumbai pari pari vesper embroidered table sage green cottonrunner
 Hilma's form is what inspired us the most. Though flat in the paintings, a 3D form almost presented itself to us when we sat down to work on this collection. the works inspired us to add a more cultural twist of our work, and focus on form and shape differently.
We started by creating the shape for the ceramic ware by picking up on the more organic and floral forms in the paintings and then further abstracting them to them more functional.
The tableware then came in as a supporting act, picking up on the colours and geometric and circular forms to add contrast.
The Collection
ware innovations mumbai pari pari vesper table setting embroidered table runner mat and napkin
Our take on conventional table linens, we’ve all seen growing up, the Vesper is a tonal embroidered piece finished with a scalloped edge to add dimensionality. The table mats and runner have been double layered to give structure and to muffle the sound of placing crockery and cutlery on it, while keeping the pieces super light.
Material : Embroidery on Recycled Cotton, Nano-coated to be made stain and water resistant.
ware innovations mumbai pari pari cork printed polka natural mat and trivet
Inspired by the floral shapes in at Klint’s work, the Flora mat and trivet wears many hats. The bold, fun yet elegant shape can make up a setting no matter how elaborate or intimate. The neutral colour, and simple outline make the Flora universal- use it with all ware, especially the bold Cosmos set.
Material : Screen Printing on Cork, Nano-coated to be made stain and water resistant.
ware innovations mumbai pari pari klint printed cork table setting
The boldest of them all, the Klint set of 2 modular runners, table mats and trivets is best to brighten up any setting. The screenprinted geometric pattern is inspired by the shapes and layers in Hilma Klint's works. Structured and durable, there is a joy in placing tableware on cork's semi-soft surface. The cork's natural texture and colour enhances the pattern and beautifully contrasts Ware's glossy surface.
Material : Screen Printing on Cork, Nano-coated to be made stain and water resistant.
Each of the sets also come with multiple sets of napkins for easy pairing.
These handcrafted pieces are available for purchase on the Ware Innovations website here.