Ms. Imsong | Comedian, Actor

Ms. Imsong1                  On Home

"Home is your safe space where your identity is formed and for me that happened in Kohima where I spent my childhood, then in Delhi where I was exposed to cultures different from mine and finally in Mumbai where I got my first job and learnt how to live like a responsible adult. Its just like how they say that you are an amalgamation of all the people you meet in your life, so, I guess for me in the same way I am a mixture of the places I have lived in."


On Satire

"I feel that comedy is a neutral platform, you are managing to make people laugh and you're still putting an idea across. It's a nice feeling to let people to let people laugh and think about what you just said. I find it more effective than yelling or putting up angry videos (up) on the internet. People pay more attention when there's a slight funny angle to it and they're more attentive."

Ms. Imsong2

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