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Shreya Josh | Tender Pokes

Shreya's self-taught hand poke tattoo journey started when she moved back to her hometown, New Delhi, in 2016. She doesn't like to take the body too seriously and loves making sweet n' silly tattoos on all melanin skin.   Our mutual love for florals and botanicals brought us together to create our own little garden in the wilderness that is 2020.  Our designs, on flash sheets (as Shreya likes them) will be tattooed by her, where each design will be unique to the person and tattooed only once. Follow her work on Instagram

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Ms. Imsong | Comedian, Actor

                  On Home "Home is your safe space where your identity is formed and for me that happened in Kohima where I spent my childhood, then in Delhi where I was exposed to cultures different from mine and finally in Mumbai where I got my first job and learnt how to live like a responsible adult. Its just like how they say that you are an amalgamation of all the people you meet in your life, so, I guess for me in the same way I am a mixture of the places I have lived in."   On Satire "I feel that comedy is a neutral platform, you are managing to make people laugh...

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